Introducing Your Ideal Employee

Meet our fully-trained Staff AI, Biz, designed for your business needs

A fully-trained AI Chatbot that:

Meet Your Favorite

New Employee

A fully-trained AI Chatbot that:

Never Sleeps

Never Gets Sick

Never Needs Vacation

Replies Right Away

Smiling woman in a yellow top using a smartphone, engaging with a customer service chat. The chat window shows a conversation with 'Scale Your Biz.Online' Staff AI Biz, where the AI offers alternatives to Petunias and assists in placing a flower order with a special offer of free shipping over $60. The chat demonstrates the AI's prompt and helpful response, enhancing the customer service experience.

Streamlined Training

We assist with chatbot training using your site, FAQ content, and Google Docs

Interactive Learning

Disapprove any bot reply, and it'll request the correct response from you

Branding Aligned

Tailor your chatbot's appearance to align with your corporate branding

Exclusive Testing Ground

Engage in private dialogues with your bot to refine its responses

Advanced AI Technology

Benefit from the most current GPT models powering your chatbot.

Confidential & Safe

Rest assured with your data on secure, encrypted, and controlled-access servers.

73% of users

expect websites to feature chatbots for convenient interactions.

74% of internet users

prefer using chatbots for simple questions.

87.2% of consumers

rate their interactions with bots as either neutral or positive.

3X faster

Chatbots have remarkably accelerated response times, answering 3 times faster on average.

A series of customer inquiries presented as chat bubbles with checkmark icons, featuring diverse avatars asking questions such as 'Do you have a vegetarian menu?', 'What is my order status?', 'Are your products or services locally sourced or produced?', 'Can I schedule an appointment or reservation?', and 'Are you pet friendly?' This represents the interactive query panel of Staff AI Biz with the slogan 'Empower Teams, Automate Answers!' demonstrating the AI's capability to handle varied customer service questions efficiently.

Staff AI Biz:

Empower Teams, Automate Answers!

Free up your staff's time and let your AI webchat widget handle questions from your website!

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