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Push notification from a company displaying a loyalty reward update. It shows a placeholder for the company logo with the text 'YOUR COMPANY' and a message stating 'You have been earning 62 points. Thank you for your purchase. We are waiting for you to visit again.' accompanied by a waving hand emoji. The design indicates an automatic transaction notification with current loyalty and reward status


Instantly upon completing a transaction, automatic PUSH notifications deliver the transaction details to the client. These messages also update the client on their current loyalty and reward status.

Push notification alerting that 'Bagel is now in stock' from a company, featuring a company logo placeholder and the text 'YOUR COMPANY'. The message highlights the availability of new bagels with the phrases 'The all-new bagels 🥯 in our bakeries available right now. Catch this ⚡' aimed at encouraging immediate customer action. This example illustrates targeted marketing where PUSH messages are sent either to the entire customer base or a selected group, similar to SMS notifications


You have the option to manually send notifications, such as SMS messages, to your customers. You can also choose to send PUSH messages to either your entire customer base or specific groups.

Geolocation-based push notification from a company featuring a logo placeholder labeled 'YOUR COMPANY'. The message '👀 I see you nearly Today -50% on coffee to go. We also remind you that every 10 coffee is free 🍵' targets customers within 330 feet of the business location. This example showcases the use of location technology to automatically send push notifications to clients holding a loyalty card when they are near the business, encouraging immediate visits with discounts and loyalty rewards.


Automatically dispatch PUSH notifications to all clients possessing your loyalty card who are within 330 feet of your business location.

utomatic push notification sent one hour after purchase, featuring a company logo placeholder and the text 'YOUR COMPANY'. The message 'Thank you for visit! Rate the quality of service using the link in the card description 👉' invites clients to provide feedback on their experience. This demonstrates the use of timely notifications to enhance quality control by gathering customer feedback shortly after their visit, ensuring immediate and relevant responses.

Quality control

Automated PUSH notifications are dispatched one hour post-purchase, inviting the client to provide feedback on the quality of service.

Reminder push notification sent automatically 28 days after the last purchase, featuring a company logo placeholder and the text 'YOUR COMPANY'. The message 'We miss you. Sign up for a visit time using the link in the card description 🗓️ July 17' encourages clients to schedule their next visit. This notification strategy leverages configurable reminders to enhance customer retention by re-engaging clients who have not visited recently.


Automatic PUSH notifications are sent 28 days after the latest purchase, reminding the client to return. The reminder time is customizable to suit your preferences.

Customizable push notification template featuring a company logo placeholder and the text 'YOUR COMPANY'. The message 'Your headline. And some description with emoji's 🔧' demonstrates the versatility of the PUSH designer tool, allowing businesses to craft their own scripts for automatic PUSH notifications. This tool offers unlimited potential for the number and scenarios of messages, enabling businesses to tailor their communication to fit their specific needs and engage with customers dynamically.

Create your way

With the PUSH designer, you can craft your own scripts for sending automatic PUSH notifications. There's no limit to the number of messages or scenarios you can create.

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Scan customer card with free Scanner App

Our platform eliminates the need for any extra hardware.

After setting up your business account, you will be provided with a link to download the complimentary card scanner app.

Just distribute the app to all salespeople within your company and keep track of the shared statistics effortlessly.

scane customer card with free scanner app

Easy way to reward customers with bonuses

Multiple Card Options

Our versatile card builder offers a wide array of card types to suit your needs.

Customize every aspect, from logos and colors to icons and text, for a fully personalized touch.

How to use

Create your first loyalty card in just 15 minutes

Icon of a number 1 in white on an orange circular background

Design a promotion

Like offering a free coffee after every 10 purchases, or giving a 10% cashback on every transaction.

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Select a card template

Pick from 111 pre-designed templates or utilize our easy card builder to craft your own unique design.

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Design and Content Setup

Upload your logo and select your brand colors for the card. Include promotion details, your contact information, and business locations.

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Download Your Customized Promotion

The service automatically generates an A4-sized PDF containing your promotional details, QR code for the card, and installation instructions.

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Promote Your Program

Print your promotion for physical display and share the card installation link on social media.

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